NEW JOB, CAN’T WAIT! by Jason Iannone


Fiona, Layla, and Leo are not the doctor, carpenter, and lawyer they were hired to be. But they do know how to take advantage of a seemingly easy mark. Unfortunately for them, the mark knows their game and would much rather play his own. This is what happens when cons get conned.



Franklin/Aretha: ​A weird, mysterious, wealthy, and seemingly gullible loner who’s hired three hustlers/cons to handle important tasks for him. Mid ’50s

Fiona/Lionel:​ A “doctor” who makes up BS diagnoses and fills phony prescriptions. She mainly sells sick/feral/lost/petnapped cats and dogs while passing them off as healthy purebreds to dumb rich people. Mid ’30s

Layla/Eric:​ A “carpenter” who uses the cheapest materials around and does work quickly, while charging for the best materials and full-time work and pocketing the difference. Her main hustle is as a casting director for various sham acting/modeling jobs. Mid ’20s

Leo/Kate:​ A “lawyer” who has no license and barely understands the law. He’s also a sex worker who (unwillingly) attracts nothing but old, decrepit, and unhygienic clients. Early ’40s

Officer:​ A rookie cop. Mid 20s

All roles can be gender-swapped. They are written with one specific name but either one works




Approximately 90 minutes



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