MY MOMENT by Rachel Feeny-Williams


Claire has been a writer for many years with her amazingly supportive husband Tom by her side. Suddenly her dream is about to come true when one of her plays is nominated for an Olivier award! But with all the doubts, nerves and second guessing will she actually be able to celebrate the moment?







This script won third place in Surfside Playhouse 10 Minute Play Contest.



Reviews from New Play Exchange

RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS has nicely captured the anxiety a playwright can feel as they find out what others think of their work. “My Moment” is a heartwarming play of the importance of a supportive spouse, the impact of the critics, and the highs and lows from the feedback a writer receives. – Jack Levine

I loved this play! It was heartwarming and hilarious. The love and support of Claire’s husband was absolutely endearing. The ending is an inspired dream for any writer, and any spouse. – Monique C Aldred


Review from Surfside Playhouse 10 Minute Play Contest

“My Moment” by Rachel Feeny-Williams was delightful. The playwright’s characters are a married couple who seem to thrive on each other’s spirited bantering. The dialogue is clever and poignant. This is a quick read basically because the writing bounces from one thought to another like jazz musicians riffing on stage. The chemistry between Tom and Claire is what makes this play work from the start. He understands his wife, and she thrives on the supportive attention. Claire is very smart and her husband instinctively knows how to guide her moments of frustration with her exasperating work. Her job is to fix other playwright’s work. Claire in her own right is also a playwright, and she’s obviously frustrated with her demanding clients. Like most people in theatre, they need to supplement their income with a job that actually pays the bills. Apparently, she is very successful with this line of work. Rachel Feeny-Williams wrote a lovely play. I wanted to discuss the ending, but I thought it best to just let our supporters read “My Moments” for themselves. Thank you for your entry. I connected with Tom and Claire and got emotionally involved in the outcome. Hopefully you will grace Surfside Players 10-Minute Playwrighting Contest with another play in the near future – I’m obviously a fan!


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