A (melo)drama in two acts that will have you laughing, gasping and crying.

Comedy, murder mystery, melodrama and drama – Murder at the Château has all the ingredients for a funny, spooky, shocking and surprising night at the theatre

  1. Normandy, France. A gloomy and run-down country château where the beautiful widow Elisabeth, Countess of Jeufosse, lives with her lively eighteen-year-old daughter Blanche. When Laurence, Blanche’s attractive new governess, joins the household, strange things start to happen. A mysterious Black Beast is running amuck. But what – or who – is it, and why is Elisabeth so reluctant to do anything about it? What is the dark secret of the Château de Jeufosse that no one is prepared to reveal?

Murder at the Château is based on a true story – a story that shocked France and changed French law.



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Elisabeth-Anansime de Beauvais, Countess of Jeufosse (46), still beautiful

Blanche-Marie-Elisabeth de Jeufosse (18), Elisabeth’s pretty daughter

Laurence Thouzery (25), Blanche’s attractive governess

Jean-Baptiste Leuffroy-Crepel (42), gamekeeper-cum-butler-cum-coachman – wears a moustache

Clémentine Luzurier, housekeeper-cum-cook

Alfred-Léonce Odoard du Hazey (50s), first cousin to Elisabeth – red-faced and wears a moustache

Joseph-Hyacinthe Tripet (60s), retired diplomat – portly and wears a moustache

Émile Guillot (29), a handsome local ‘businessman’ – has a Northern accent and wears a moustache

Élie Vanier, judge

Maître Berryer (c. 70), defence lawyer

Maître Cresson (37), public prosecutor

Benoît-Désiré Gros (c. 20), Émile Guillot’s valet-cum-coachman-cum-confidant

Désiré-François Criquebœuf, grocer


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