MULAN by Richard Hills


A pantomime based on the traditional Chinese story of the girl who takes the place of her elderly father to join the Chinese Army and go to fight the Hun. She helps to win the war and the heart of General Shang.


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SHAN-YU                           Chieftain of the Huns, a nasty

SO-FA                                 Hun nasty

YU-TU                                 Hun nasty

LING-YAO                         Young Chinaman

CHIEN-PO                         Young Chinaman

MI-LA-LA                           The Dame, Mother of Chien-Po

FA-ZHOU                            Middle aged Chinese gentleman

FA-LI                                   Fa-Zhou’s wife

MATCHMAKER               Very unpleasant Chinese lady

MULAN                               Daughter of Fa-Zhou. Principal girl

CHINESE OFFICIAL        Middle aged Official

FIRST ANCESTOR           Chinese ancestor. Voice only

MUSHA                                Small Chinese dragon. Guardian of Mulan

KHAN                                   Mulan’s horse

YEN-TOA                            Young Chinaman

YAN-TONG                         Young Chinaman

SA-TU                                   Young Chinaman

CAPTAIN SHANG              In charge of army training camp

EMPEROR                           Elderly Emperor of China

DANCERS                            Chinese dances and Chinese ballet

CHORUS                              Villagers, Chinese soldiers, and Courtiers at Palace



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