MOTHER GOOSE by Colin Barrow


This pantomime brings all the fun and laughter you’d expect from a traditional family script. An easy script to stage without losing any of the glitz, sparkle, and fun that a pantomime should have.
Mother Goose is about to be evicted from her home by Grumpy Drawers, when, by good fortune the goose that lays the golden eggs arrives which elevates Mother Goose to being a very wealthy woman. Grumpy and the Fairy wager that if Grumpy fails to oust Mother Goose from Happydappy, Grumpy Drawers has to leave for good instead. Mother Goose, having more money than she can shake a stick at, becomes sucked into the world of regenerating her beauty.

Grumpy Drawers instructs Black and Decker, the henchmen, to act as beauticians to perform the regeneration. Rather than knock years off Mother Goose’s looks they attempt to boil her down for glue. In this quest for youth and beauty, she forgets her kindness and manners and shuns Millie the goose, before telling her to go away. And that’s what Millie does, she flies back to Gooseland, but as she does so the golden eggs return to normal.

Hans, a son of Mother Goose, pledges to find Gooseland and return to Happydappy with Millie. In return he would wish for the hand in marriage of Lord Rupert’s daughter, Sophia. Jack, another son of Mother Goose, suddenly finds he is to be married to a foreign girl that he has just met, Gerda. This is all news to Jack and after knowing Gerda for less than five minutes, puts a whole new view on a whirlwind romance.

After all the mayhem the pantomime concludes with a happy ending. Grumpy Drawers loses the wager and is seen leaving Happydappy with a shopping trolley containing the few possessions of life

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Mother Goose – Dame

Millie – Goose

Jack – Comic

Gerda – Comic

Grumpy Drawers – Villain

Fairy Godmother

Black – Henchman

Decker – Henchman

Hans – Principle boy

Sophia – Principle girl

Lord Rupert

King of Gooseland



A girl

A man

A ‘camp’ person

Chorus or villagers



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