Charlotte, a legendary Hollywood prop-maker who has withdrawn from the public sphere, attempts to negotiate a tangled relationship with the monster of her own creation, who lives in her cupboard. When she allows a young film journalist to interview her, secrets from Charlotte’s career begin to surface.

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Charlotte (female, 40-50’s) is a legendary prop-maker, who withdrew from the public eye many years ago. Uncertain and slightly wary of the level of fame she possesses, she is both flattered by and uneasy with the limelight. Prone to name-dropping, she can easily deliver a saucy Hollywood anecdote. Due to her life in isolation, she begins to wonder if she has been forgotten. She is charismatic, witty, collected and knowledgable. Without necessarily realising it, she has made it her mission to foster and grow the talent of other artists.


Lucy (female, late 20’s / early 30s) is a journalist at the beginning of her career. For her, the stakes in this interview are high: her professional future depends on it. Longing to be seen as sophisticated and detached, she projects an air of friendly but practical efficiency.  Yet upon closer observation it’s easy to notice both her passion for the job and her lack of experience.


Polly (female, early 20’s) is a student prop-maker, who has grown under Charlotte’s influence and encouragement, but has now developed her own unique style. She works part-time as Charlotte’s house keeper. She is sharply aware of the fact that Charlotte hired her to have someone to talk to from time to time, more than to keep the house clean. The relationship between them is on a borderline between formal, defined by professional respect and a warm friendship. Inexperienced and unsure of herself, but growing every day.


The Monster (male) represents the darker emotions Charlotte has about her time in Hollywood and her late-life isolation. In his character, he combines the cliche manners of a Hollywood monster, moodiness of a teenager and sense of responsibility fto Charlotte. He is an aquatic monster, created for a horror movie. Almost human, and at the same time clearly Other, he elicits the feelings of uncanniness. His physicality is a mixture of teenage spontaneity and eerie, clearly inhuman gestures. A creature of the subconscious, he is volatile and adaptable, but can be very good company.






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