MIXED NUTS by Wayne Roberts


The Hive children are gathering for the reading of their late mothers will, animosity runs high. The strange demands of their mothers leaves them all searching their inner demons to gain a piece of the inheritance. But will they all confesses in time as the body count rises.

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JOHN  Male Family friend.

ALICE  twin sister to Anna, is a simple woman. (Note Alice and Anna are played by the same Actress)

ANNA Alice’s twin sister. (Note Alice and Anna are played by the same Actress)

MARCUS  Male Brother to Julian, Elaine and Chloe

SONYA Young wife of Julian.

JULIAN Husband of Sonya and brother to Marcus, Elaine and Chloe

ELAINE Sister to Julian, Marcus and Chloe, married to Frank

JACK Elaine’s long suffering husband

CHLOE Sister to Marcus, Julian and Elaine

AGNES Elderly Lady


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