MANSPEAK by Vivian C Lermond


MANSPEAK – A full evening showcase of multi-generational monologues, featuring male voices telling divergent tales. MANSPEAK provides a budget-friendly, easy-to-produce opportunity to shine a spotlight on male actors of all ages and diversities. Actors can be cast in multiple roles. The MANSPEAK playbill also offers the versatility of live performance, virtual theatre or radio presentation.

THE WADER – At some point, every man must take the plunge.

CRIME DON’T PAY – One man recalls a not-so-pleasant “mother memory” of the consequences of letting his sweet tooth take him down the path of thievery.

AND SCENE – A response to the question: Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art?

A BIT OF HAVOC AT HENNESSEY’S – When a bellicose bully meets his match, who just happens to be his ex-wife, expect the unexpected.

THE WILLY WAYS OF A WOMAN – Valentine’s Day is all about love, and in this case, “puppy love” gone wrong.

CONTES DU CAMP CANADIEN – On the shore of the St. Lawrence, one quirky neighbor discovers the real challenges of man vs nature.

THE BOURBON MONOLOGUE – Need a job? Point your compass to Kentucky, USA and head to The Bourbon Trail! 

LOSIN’ IT – With his 40th class reunion looming, one man commits to get fit to impress the old flame who dumped him, only to discover that the best time in life is the present.

DOUBTING THOMAS – If you decide to take a shortcut through a cemetery on All Hallows Eve, you might find it a life-altering experience.

JUKEBOX – Re-visiting an old watering hole that had been a favorite place in his youth, a Boomer realizes that history does indeed repeat itself.

DARMA’S KARMA – When the ultimate Karma catches up with his Ex, one guy gets the gift of sweet revenge.

LEFTY’S LAST HOOK – An old boxer fondly recalls his last day in the ring and his victory of beating the odds.



This collection of 12 monologues can be performed by 4 actors playing multiple roles, or showcase 12 individual actors


Approx 65 minutes



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