LOVE by John Collings


Love is a light romantic comedy. It tells of a young girls dream to find real love, and the obstacles she has to overcome to reach her goal.

This is a play version of John’s musical Real Love – please see our musicals list

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M4 F3

Guardian Angel/Narrator -Full of wisdom, and very down to earth. He resembles a man from up north, cloth cap sleeves rolled up above the elbow, a bit like Andy Cap. He wears a large pair of white angel wings attached to his back.

Steve – Not confident with women. A simple soul.

Dish  –  A good man. Confident. sexually mature. Has had a lot of relationship with women. A student working at the call centre during the summer.

Nessy – Curvy. Fun party girl, man mad.

Mum – A bitter woman.

Cindy – Hard working, and very supportive towards her mother. Lacking in confidence, unless there has been an injustice done. Wears her classes when she not feeling confident.

Spike – A Hells Angel (well so he believes), a nasty piece of work.



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