LOVE AND LIES by Colin Barrow


Set in the office of Stuart Reynolds, it soon becomes apparent that Stuart and his private secretary Amy, are in a relationship. A relationship in which has recently been sealed by their engagement to be married. However, due to a situation fabricated by Stuart, the relationship and engagement has for now, to be kept a secret. Megan, Stuarts receptionist, has also just recently become engaged to be married, to Stuart.

This brings rise to another fabrication of reasons to keep the romance a secret. This forms a love triangle, where tensions, love, drama and near misses create the unravelling story. Stuart, through lies and deceit keep the two ladies in the dark of the situation until Megan finds Amy sat on his lap.

A slanging match begins between the two women as Stacey enters, another female that Stuart has a love interest with! Needless to say, Stuart wants the ground to open up and swallow him as three pairs of female eyes are firmly focusing on him with venom!



Stuart:- A playing age of thirty five to fifty five. Dressed in a suit complete with a collar and tie to fit with the dialogue. The jacket could be off and on the back of the chair.

Amy:- Could be any playing age, but not older than Stuart. She is Stuart’s secretary and should be dressed accordingly. She could be quite glamorous.

Megan:- No age restriction but needs to be realistically compatible with Stuart. She is Stuarts receptionist and dressed smartly but very different to Amy.

Stacey:- Needs to be of similar age to Stuart. A very small part and enters the play on the closing lines of dialogue. Quite ordinary every day casual dress.



Approximately 35-40 minutes



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