LOST, BUT NOT LEAST by Patrick Blosse & Dennis Diamond


Steve Smith is an incurable, card-carrying, dyed-in-the-wool amateur thespian and lynchpin of his small local group. His long-suffering wife, Tilda, is quietly supportive, until they stumble across an ancient manuscript of The Tragedy of Stephen and Matilda, which might, or might not, have been written by William Shakespeare. When their personal lives are mirrored by their on-stage portrayals of King Stephen and Empress Matilda, the cracks in their relationship are cruelly exposed.

This is a one-act play for either 4 or 5 actors; preferably 2 males/2 females but could be 3 males/2 females. Minimal staging and props required. This would be a gentle introduction to Shakespeare for a group that didn’t want to leap straight in to King Lear or Hamlet and offers plenty of scope for some coarse acting whilst maintaining a tragic undertow.



STEVE SMITH:  Tilda’s husband. A 39-year old teacher and driving force of an amateur dramatics group. Steve is passionate about drama. Married to Tilda for 15 childless years and eager to start a family before it is too late. Somewhat morose when not engaged in something fulfilling.

TILDA SMITH: Steve’s wife. A 39-year old career woman. Dedicated to her job in the insurance business. Does not want children to hamper her life. She has been coerced into amateur dramatics by her husband and does not share his devotion to the arts. Tilda is normally a bright and breezy person.

BOB:  55-year old happy go lucky man, slightly overweight, with an eye for the ladies. Member of the drama group but a terrible actor.

ELEANOR:  Attractive, 25-year old. Desperate for meaningful love. Huge crush on Steve. Eager to please.

ĢHOST-CHORUS: Mirrors the role of CHORUS in a typical Shakespeare play and should be played by the same actor playing BOB/ROBERT/CHORUS, but could be another actor if preferred



Approx. 40 minutes



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