LOCKED UP by Emma Northcott


Eighteen year old Kai faces his first night in a solitary prison cell. A serious story about County-Lines drug dealing and the inevitable consequences for those involved.

Eighteen year old Kai faces his first night in a prison cell having been found guilty of selling drugs. As this is his first offence he is convinced that he doesn’t belong in prison. From their individual cells five other inmates, each with their own agenda, make themselves known to Kai. Kai explains that his friend Red will be coming to get him out and that he is innocent, because he was only helping out, by passing on parcels for his friend. As the conversation unfolds it becomes evident that Kai has unwittingly been used by Dexter, the leader of a county lines gang, who is also in the prison. The play comes to an end as Kai realises that, like the rest of the inmates, he is destined to do his time and to succumb to the powers of Dexter and Red whether he likes it or not.



Kai – eighteen, innocent and anxious.

Liam – been there a while

Jake – more compassionate than others

Ronnie – less compassionate than others

Alfie – mostly interested in drugs

Dexter – the boss.

Guard – male or female, stern (one line only!)



It is essential that all screens are visible for the whole play to create a wall of darkness at the beginning and again at the end. It is best viewed in ‘gallery view’ so that all screens are viewed simultaneously throughout the play. It is advisable to remind your audience not to watch in ‘speaker view’ where the viewer would only see the actor who is speaking at the time, similar to a television close-up of a single speaker and therefore some of the intended effect would be lost.



Approx 10 minutes



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