LITTLE MICKEY by David Bennett


In the quiet town of Oswestry, a power cut has the town in darkness. The police have been hunting a murderer for fifteen months and finally catch their man. The problem is, he’s not all he seems. Will they get their answers before his solicitor arrives?



Michael/Little Mickey – Mentally unstable, homeless. Should be played as a manic character, twitchy, but above all every answer must seem confident and resolute. Mid 20’s

Alan Mckay – A hungry detective who has been on this particular case for 18 months. Almost seems exasperated at every turn, but determined to get his answers. Mid to late 30s

Grace Mckay – Wife of Alan and experienced counsellor. She won’t come into the story till later, but she’s important. A woman in strong mental pain, who finds a way to deal with all her problems. Mid to late 30s

Dr. Broom – Psychologist. Over 40

Supt. Martin Davies – Alan’s superior, willing to help, but very careful to cover his tracks. Over 50

Shirley Booth – call centre operator and all round information finder. A good friend of Alan’s and an invaluable contact between various agencies. Early 40s

Daniel Scott – Solicitor. Impatient from traffic and has a sharp mind despite appearing burnt out. 18-50

Elwyn Shaw – A Young detective, determined to advance his career so long as he doesn’t have to take too big a risk. Early 30s



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