LITTLE FANNINGTON PLAYERS “POOR ROD” (Stage Version) by Steve Burton


Little Fannington Players are holding their usual monthly committee, there are several items on the agenda, should they postpone their next production due to Rod being poorly, what should they do about the see through nun costumes in the sound of music, and all of this while fishermen send Doris unwanted E-mails. John is the chair and has to remain calm as he has to contend with Craig who is in the toilet after a dodgy curry, Doris who really cannot keep up, Katie who wants to get back to her boyfriend, Doreen who has boy scouts wearing Nazi arm bands goose stepping around stage and Sharon who just needs to get to her next meeting with the ladies guild. What could go wrong?



John: Chairperson, efficient, but friendly, hen pecked by Sharon. (Male)

Sharon: Aspires above her station, self-important, confident, slightly grumpy, no patience with certain people at the meeting. (Female)

Gregg: Businessman, organised and happy with technology. (Male)

Doris: An older woman, likes a gossip, struggles with technology, only just started using Facebook etc. (Female)

Craig: A young, Jack the lad character (Male)

Doreen: Middle aged spinster, softly spoken, unassuming. (Female)

Katie: A younger lady (Female)




Approximately 45 minutes



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