LET’S GO FOR IT! by Horry Parsons


The action throughout this 2Act ( 1 set ) Comedy takes place in the Lounge Bar of Hedgepool Community Centre ,which is the Hub in which plans are prepared by the eclectic mix of people of all ages that live in the village in an attempt to win a “Village of the Year” contest.

The play is in two scenes per act and each scene is set within one of the four seasons, beginning with winter, thro spring and summer and finishing with autumn when the end of their often chaotic and farcical efforts are announced.



Joe Taylor                   Manager / Barman of the Community Centre

Vic Good                    Leader of Young Citizens Club

Julie Jones                   Vic’s assistant

Debbie Green              Julie’s assistant

Anne                           Teenage/ Young citizen

Carole                         ”             ”            ”

Sophie                         ”             ”            ”

Mel                              ”             ”            ”

Daisy                           Barmaid.  Of an age to be equal to senior members of  the community.

Jack Smith                  Senior Citizen

Alan Hincote               Young member of local cricket club.

Meg Morgan               Senior Citizen

Rosie Ford                   ”           ”

Pat Hall                       ”           ”

Peggy Parr                   ”          ”

John Messenger          County Organiser of “Village of the Year”  competition.

Kate Bentley-Walls    Hedgepool Parish Councillor



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