LARRY WEISS by Daniel A Wolf


Larry Weiss intends to go into business with his father Marty, the owner of a clothing store, after college. Larry admires Marty’s talent with math and his skill in foiling an attempted armed robbery. When Larry is in college, a professor persuades him to aim for the financial industry. Marty objects to this change of plans, but reluctantly relents when Larry insists.

While achieving great success in the financial industry, Larry still feels guilty towards his father, and so takes ridiculous measures to conceal his accomplishments. When the mayor eventually appoints Larry as city budget director, Larry directs his sister Barbara to remove Marty’s newspaper to keep him unaware. However, after a friend informs Marty, he confronts Larry, who admits to the longtime ruse. Larry brings Marty to his office the following day. Seeking Marty’s advice during a staff conference, Larry is shocked to observe his mental decline.

The mayor, whose term is expiring, urges Larry to run for public office. The play ends humorously as Larry again tells Barbara to steal Marty’s paper as he plans to announce his candidacy.



Larry Weiss:Chief protagonist. Larry had planned to go into business with his father soon after graduating college, but at the suggestion of a professor decides to work in the financial industry. Though successful, he nevertheless feels guilty about his decision. As a result, he makes every effort to conceal his success from his father until it is no longer possible.

Marty Weiss: Larry’s father. Marty is angry when Larry decides to become a stock broker rather than go into business together. He remains unaware of Larry’s success and is thus shocked when informed of Larry’s appointment as city budget director.

Barbara Weiss: Larry’s sister. She reluctantly agrees to help Larry conceal news of his success from their father though she finds the entire enterprise ridiculous and unnecessary.

Professor: Impressed by Larry’s intelligence, he suggests Larry could make better use of his talents in the financial industry rather than going into business with his father.

Herb: Marty’s accountant. He informs Marty about Larry’s appointment as city budget director.

Mr. Stevens: Larry’s mentor in the financial industry.

Mayor: Appoints Larry as city budget director and later suggests Larry run for political office.

Jeff Trackman: Assistant budget director. He provided ideas how to solve the city’s budget deficit.

Harry Brooks: Assistant budget director. He clashed with Trackman on how best to solve the city’s budgetary problems.

Diane: Larry’s girlfriend.

Two robbers





Larry Weiss can be performed comfortably with a cast of 8 as follows: 1. Larry Weiss 2. Marty Weiss, Mayor of Philadelphia 3. Barbara Weiss, Secretary 4. Professor, Mr. Stevens 5.Robber, Jeff Trackman 6. Robber, Harry Brooks 7. Diane, customer, waitress 8. Photographer/cameraman, Herb



A reading by the Philadelphia Dramatist Center


Approximately 90 minutes



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