LADY WILLPOWER by Bob Charteris


Lady Catherine Cadwalladr* does not have long to live. She had an unhappy marriage and gave birth to three rather horrible children who evolved in rather horrible adults. She intends to enjoy her last few days on earth and, to this end, she has summoned her solicitor to change her will. With the estate valued at more than £30 million, her children are worried they are going to miss out. And Lady Catherine has insisted that she reads the new will personally before she departs.

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Lady Catherine Cadwalladr, elderly

Her children:

Jeremy Cadwalladr, a stockbroker

Emma Portland, a gallery owner

Lady Zelda de Vere, a socialite


Bernard Hepplewaite, a newly admitted solicitor, late 20s

Anna, a maid, early 20s



The play had its premiere at Stirling Theatre (Stirling Players), Innaloo, Perth, Western Australia on February 8, 2019



While it has up to the minute references, this show has the feel of an aristocratic post-war play, in structure and style. It centres around the will (read while she is still living) of wealthy matriarch Lady Catherine Cadwalladr and explores some complex family relationships. Ursula Johnson, an actress in her nineties, is outstanding as Lady Cadwalladr, owning the stage in a commanding performance. Believable family relationships were portrayed by Owen Phillips, Claire Westheafer and Jane Sherwood as Lady Cadwalladr’s children, while the smaller but pivotal role of the maid Anna was expertly played by Rachael Coltrona.

– Kimberley Shaw, Stage Whispers,



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