LADY CAPULET by Melissa Bell


What caused the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets? This prequel to Romeo and Juliet follows the journey of Rose from country girl to matriarch, navigating her repression and power in 16th Century Verona in a time when family, money, power and gender determine everything.


PHOTO CREDIT – Emily Hewitt, photographer. Barefoot Shakespeare Company Central Park Production 2019.



ROSE VALENCIO, LADY CAPULET: Age range: on the cusp of 14 years old, from the country, fresh, eager to please, with budding sexuality, to a 30- year-old Lady of Verona.

LORD MONTAGUE: Age ranges from a young man of Verona, early twenties to mid-thirties. He is handsome and makes light of the world.

LORD CAPULET: A man of Verona; older man. Formal, sullen, controlled.

NURSE: Age ranges from mid-thirties to late fifties. Proper where Rose and the family are concerned but possesses a bawdy nature of her own.

LUCIO VALENCIO: Rose’s loyal older brother; age ranges from early- twenties to mid-30s.

TYBALT: A young man of 22. This part should be doubled by the actor who plays LORD MONTAGUE.

PRINCE OF VERONA: Any voice from any actor.



Reading: Turn to Flesh Productions, July 15, 2018;

Production: Barefoot Shakespeare Company, Central Park, NYC, Aug 22-Sept 1, 2019.

Virtual Productions: Barefoot Shakespeare/CreateTheater, 9/21/20; Norwalk Library, Jan 28, 2021; WHAM Festival Goddard Riverside 3/25-4/4, 2021


“Tantalizing”  “Maybe [Shakespeare] had one this whole time and just kept it to himself…it’s a juicy one…” –


“Melissa Bell reimagines the life of Juliet’s mother in the years before the events of Romeo & Juliet in this classical prequel.” –Time Out NY



A short video presentation can be seen here – Lady Capulet – 2021 Sizzle Reel – YouTube



Approximately 100 minutes



Preview available here

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