KNIT & NATTER by Chrissy Evans


The village of Little Lager is in turmoil

Someone is threatening to reveal all in an online blog

Can the Vicar save the steeple fund?

Can Claire save her reputation?

Can Elsie find the candlesticks?

Who did kill  Gayle ?



M4 F6

Reverend Kevin Jones -Vicar of Little Lager – about 30

Joanne Jones –  (his twin sister) A recent arrival

Claire Smith – A local woman of 20’s – 40’s

Elsie Warburton– (her  great aunt)  of about 70

Susan Beaumont – A middle-aged woman newly arrived

Mary Coombs – A local woman of about 65

Gayle Walsh – A middle-aged woman newly arrived

Jonathan Bradley – an ex-soldier of about 40

D.I.Carter – Investigating officer

Sergeant Berry – a policeman



80 minutes approx



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