KENILWORTH by Sir Walter Scott, adapted by Richard Hills


Taken from Sir Walter Scott’s famous novel Kenilworth, it is a great tragedy, woven round the mystery surrounding the death of the beautiful Amy Robsart, secret wife of the Earl of Leicester. To safeguard his position as Queen Elizabeth’s favourite, he is forced to conceal his marriage in order to avoid incurring displeasure.

Amy is hidden in a country house at Cumnor, but her determination to be recognised as Countess Leicester ends in her downfall.

Fascinating glimpses of the Elizabethan Court, Sir Walter Raleigh, Edmund Tressilian, the Earl of Sussex and the revels at Kenilworth are shown in this play.

Several scenes can be elaborately decorated, or simply performed with curtains, drapes, and spotlighting in the Shakespearian style.

Some men’s parts can be doubled. Ideal parts for anyone wishing to play a Sir Henry Irving or Sir Donald Wolfitt roles in that of the Earl of Leicester and Sir Richard Varney. Some sword fights involved.


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M15 F5 – some doubling possible

GILES GOSLING                      Innkeeper at the Black Bear Inn

MICHAEL LAMBOURE          A traveller

EDMUND TRESSILIAN           A young Cornish gallant

JANET FOSTER                        Servant to Amy Leicester

ANTHONY FOSTER                 Old man in charge of Cumnor Place

AMY ROBSART                         Countess of Leicester

RICHARD VARNEY                  Servant to Earl of Leicester

DUDLEY LEICESTER              Earl of Leicester, favourite of Queen Elizabeth

WAYLAND SMITH                    Blacksmith, herbalist and juggler

NICHOLAS BLOUNT                Master of horse to Earl of Sussex

WALTER RALEIGH                  A young gallant

QUEEN ELIZABETH 1st            Queen of England

TWO LADIES-IN-WAITING    One is the Duchess of Rutland

TWO GUARDS                           The Queen’s Royal Guards

EARL OF SUSSEX                      Disapproves of Earl of Leicester

ALASCO MASTERS                  Old astrologer and the Queen’s physician

LAWRENCE STAPLE                Keeper of the prison at Kenilworth Castle



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