JOE WHITE & THE SEVEN DORKS by Samantha Cartwright


A modern day fairy tale that tells the story of Joe White as he is thrown out onto the streets by his gold digging stepmother. All is not lost as he meets 7 dorks who have lost their confidence and they find a way to all help each other. Will his stepmother get her way? Or will Joe save his father and himself from her wicked plans.



JOE WHITE        An all round nice guy. Caring, sweet and loyal. Lives with his father until he remarries, doesn’t get on with his stepmother.

Dr DARIA         the kind of leader of the dorks, she is the one in control and who they all listen to, she is kind and wants to make sure everyone is ok. She is a Dr and often gets called doc

SUSAN           she is always very sleepy, she works long hours as a lab researcher and often looks very tired.

IMOGEN          She is always quite embarrassed and shy, very sweet and smiley and almost naive to the real world, works for free in various charity shops

GERTRUDE           very moody and always complaining. She does have a good heart but only shows this side on rare occasions, she is a traffic warden and takes life way to seriously

FRANNY          is quite thick but in a very sweet and funny way. doesn’t speak much, shows emotion through actions more. is a librarian

PENELOPE     constantly happy whatever the situation, sometimes gets on peoples nerves being so happy all the time, works in telephone sales and always speaks so positively about everything

MILDRED       sneezes a lot. works in a animal shelter helping the animals but is allergic to them but refuses to leave as she cares so much for them.

URSULA          the evil stepmother, the villain of the show. Throughly evil.

TED                 Joe’s father, kind and simple man, is easily led astray and will agree to anything for a simple life

MAX                 he is a hit man with a heart. He comes across very scary and hard but in fact is a bit of a softy as well.

CARA               she is a pretty, lovely, girl next door type of person. She is a beautician. She falls for Joe White.

ESMERELDA a palm reader, a typical gypsy style fortune teller.

MO                  The hooded lady, can be any age. Is into dodgy dealings and works for the stepmother to poison Joe white.

BERT              The Butler loyal and quiet. Takes things in without commenting.

Chorus            guests at dinner party, street shoppers, people at nightclub. Dancers. Mugger.



  1. Billionaire – Bruno Mars
  2. The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars
  3. Back to Black – Amy Winehouse
  4. Step by Step – Whitney Houston
  5. Born this way – Lady Gaga (sung very posh)
  6. Play that song – Train
  7. Can’t buy me love – The Beatles
  8. Roar – Katy Perry
  9. Dance with me tonight – Olly Murs
  10. What makes you beautiful – One direction
  11. Happy – Pharrell Williams
  12. Rolling in the deep – Adele
  13. The Snake – Al Wilson
  14. Love you a little bit more – JLS
  15. Never say Never – Justin Biebar
  16. Can’t stop the feeling – Justin Timberlake


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