JACK & THE BEANSTALK by Jack Northcott


Jack and the Beanstalk often has several staging challenges for amateur groups. These include the giant, the cow and the beanstalk. That’s why I’ve ensured that you can stage it simply or extravagantly, whichever best suits your group and budget.
In the script, Giant Butternut is written so that you can easily stage it with a physical giant, with just the voice or just his boots visible to the audience. Similarly, the pantomime cow, Pat, is written so that you are able to play her with just one cast member or with two so that your costumes team are able to adjust accordingly. Finally, the beanstalk does not need to be visible on stage, or grow on stage (although there is ample opportunity for this if you wish).

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Jack Trott                                Dame Trott’s son and Principal Boy, loves Jill.
Simon Sandwich…                 … short of a lunchbox. Jack’s best friend and village idiot.
Tilly Trott                                Dame. Poor woman who owns a dairy farm.
Jill Beetroot                            Princess. Daughter of King Beetroot, loves Jack.
King Beetroot                         Jill’s father. A gibbering wreck in a crisis.
Fleshcreep                             A sly, sneaking type. Reports to Giant Butternut.
Spinach                                  Fleshcreeps fiesty, but little, assistant.
Butternut Trump                  A giant with comical flatulence.
Mamma Nature                    The happy and helpful farming fairy.
Gary Gooseberry                  A villager
Margaret Mango                   A villager
Penelope Pomegranate       A villager
Betty Blueberry                     A villager
Pat the Cow                            The Trotts’ cow
Mayor of Cloudland               In charge of the people in the sky
Chorus of Residents of Beansprout Bottom and Dwellers of the Kingdom in the Sky.


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