IVANHOE by Richard Hills


IVANHOE is the classic story written by Sir Walter Scott and freely adapted by Richard Hills. It starts with the return of Ivanhoe from where he has fought in the wars in the Holy Land with King Richard. He meets the Norman Knights Brian Boris-de-Guilbert and Maurice-de-Bracy, and fights duels with them. On the second day of the tournament he is wounded, and his Saxon friend, Isaac of York, rescues him and takes him on a journey to his home in York. Guilbert and Bracy catch up with them and take them prisoner to Torquilstone Castle. 

King Richard returns from the Holy Land, and hearing about Ivanhoe, he comes to his rescuer. He then finds his brother Prince John, and has him arrested. Ivanhoe ends up marrying his sweetheart, Lady Rowena

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JESTER                                              She is Jester to Cedric and also storyteller

BRIAN-de-GUILBERT                    A Norman Knight

MAURICE-de-BRACY                     A Norman Knight

PALMER                                            Ivanhoe in disguise

MISTRESS OF THE TABLE           Servant at Cedric’s castle

ISAAC OF YORK                             A rich elderly Jew

KNIGHT                                             Guest at Cedric’s castle

CEDRIC                                              An elderly Saxon Nobleman

LADY ROWENA                               Saxon Princess in love with Ivanhoe

WALDERMAR FITZURSE             Adviser to Prince John

REBECCA OF YORK                       Jewess daughter of Isaac

PRINCE JOHN                                   Brother of King Richard

1st BLACK KNIGHT                          Ivanhoe in disguise

2nd BLACK KNIGHT                         King Richard in disguise


ROBIN OF LOCKSLEY                     Robin Hood

CASTLE GUARD                                From Torquilstone castle

PEASANT WOMAN                           From York

SOLDIER                                              From Torquilstone castle


Chorus of Courtiers, Servants, Messengers, and Guards. 

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