IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD by Michael D Arrowsmith


A modern drama that focuses on those strong feelings within us all that are often overwhelming, influential, and oh so difficult to control. This two-act, two hour play follows a group of 6 friends throughout the course of a pregnancy, dramatically exploring the differences between love and lust, friendship and hatred, physical and mental conditions, as well as exploring the concept of feelings- how can these things have such a huge impact on our lives, when they’re all just thoughts in our heads? With explorative monologues and vast character arcs, this play is drama from start to finish- perfect for an immersive read, or any demographic of adult acting groups.




Paul is loud, cocky and arrogant- and not especially pleasant to his girlfriend, Amy. However, there are times throughout the play where we see a different side to Paul. Whenever Amy is upset, he really comes out of himself and shows the audience the side of him that only Amy seems to be able to see. As well as these two distinctly different personas you will have to show, Paul is also the main speaking role in this play, so is a difficult character to take on.


Len is a massive romanticist. He loves the idea of grand love gestures and romantic dates, but at heart he’s very melancholy, and has frequent poetry pieces he delivers about the woes of love and feelings. The messages and tone of this drama is very much through Len’s eyes- he’s the character that best represents the ideas the play is trying to indicate. Len has a complicated relationship with Gina- they’re not dating, it’s far more… modern than that. Consequently, they have a no date rule that Gina has put into place to limit Len’s ‘soppiness’. Besides being a modern day Jaques, Len is also ‘one of the lads’ with Paul and Archie. Despite this, he remains unashamed being open about his romantic nature, rarely feeling embarrassed about his feelings in front of his mates.


Gina has a history of bad relationships and broken hearts and has so far lived the life of a ‘loose woman’. The majority of her supressed inner heartbreak stems from her early twenties when she had an intimate relationship with Amy. After deciding to go their separate ways romantically, the pair remain best friends and currently live together, and a lot of the play is set in their apartment. This drama follows the length of Gina’s pregnancy. Being in such proximity to Amy so much of the time, and with the major life changes happening to her, Gina’s journey to resolve old feelings in order to start on a clean slate by the time her baby comes starts off a domino effect that affects all the other characters.


Amy is a sensitive soul. Though she has quite an intimidating exterior, as you’d need to if you’re dating a dickhead like Paul, Amy’s feelings are her real Achilles heel. With intimate relationships with both Paul and, in the past, Gina, her feelings are the focus of these character’s manipulations during the extent of this drama. She spends her life battling depression but trying to maintain a strong face to her peers, especially when reacting to her slightly abusive relationship with Paul. Amy gets used throughout the play and epitomises the modern day oppression of women.


As well as himself, Archie is also very much in love with Valerie (Vee), having been together since they were teens. They are engaged to be married and are in the process of planning their wedding and subsequent honeymoon. Throughout the play, Archie has the most obvious arc. Starting off relatively comfortable with life, he slowly begins to become paranoid as he think’s Vee is cheating on him with Len. As the play goes on, his psychosis develops, and the mystery of his troubled past gets slowly unearthed. Archie is a very disturbed man.


Vee is utterly in love. She’s found the perfect man, is engaged, and is extremely content with life. Almost. There’s just… something missing. This character mainly explores the modern concepts of sexuality, partly focusing on how a family’s religious background can cause someone to supress these feelings, then leading on to how these supressed emotions can cause issues later in life. After Vee finds out about Amy and Gina’s past relationship, she takes the opportunity to try and explore this side of herself before she commits the rest of her life to a man, who is completely reluctant to help her explore even an exotic country. With a ‘silent struggle’ going on in her head throughout the drama, Vee’s character is very interesting to try and portray.


The barman and another of Gina’s exes. It’s hinted throughout that he could be the father of Gina’s child, although, Len assumes it’s his.



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