INSTAGRIM by Nieve Hearity


Young couple, Alison and Rory, are trying to find their brand to increase their followers on instagram, Rory begins to suffer from anxiety and depression and Alison feels they have their ‘angle’ to create a brand and increase their online presence.



Alison; early 20’s out of work actress, ditizy, manipulative, abusive, shallow, obsessed with being an online influencer, loves her boyfriend but exploits his illness to gain followers and become the ‘face of male depression’
Rory; works in tech, loves Alison and does anything to please her, has started suffering depression but is struggling to deal with it no matter how much he talks about getting help online, feels trapped with Alison, doing instagram to keep her happy but is looking for a way out of the relationship


Approximately 60 – 75 minutes



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