IN TRAINING by Rachael Carnes


Welcome to the job from hell. A play in the dark.





May be played by any actors



production — Nylon Fusion Theatre, NYC, 2018

production — Cuckoo Bang, London, U.K., 2018

production — Manhattan Repertory Theatre, NYC, 2018

production — Secret Theatre, NYC, 2019 production — The Tank, NYC, 2019

production — Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 2019

podcast — Panglossian Productions Best of All Possible Podcasts, 2020



Matthew Weaver:28 Apr. 2018; “ Carnes offers an off-kilter, odd, quirky tale between two unseen individuals that will have an audience leaning forward in anticipation, although the results will never be something they can predict or expect. This is great metaphor for what’s expected in a given work environment – one has to learn to say “Meow” exactly right, and learn how to reach into a bag of snakes just so. And I love the concept of this being done entirely in the dark, allowing the audience to fill in the details with their own imaginations. Just be careful with the photocopy machine; it’s finicky. ”

Sharai Bohannon:17 Apr. 2018; “ Carnes does it again! Unique staging, metaphors and imagery that sparks the imagination, and fun characters in a weird situation. I think this would be almost as much fun to direct as it would be to see it. I also hope this piece inspires more of us to play in the dark on stage. ”

Emma Goldman-Sherman:10 Apr. 2018; “ Very funny piece of theater! With well-written dialogue, and clear characters. And the whole thing happens in the dark! The metaphor works wonderfully and sets up a host of issues that will keep any audience on edge and entertained down to the very last word! ”

Rachel Bublitz:9 Apr. 2018 ;“ There so much to enjoy in this short by Rachael Carnes, the easy fun dialogue, the desperation of the new hire, the confidence and insane directions from the manager, but I was most drawn to the fact that the play takes place in darkness. IN TRAINING gives its audience the ability to lean forward and use their imagination in a very fun and exciting way. ”

Greg Burdick:11 Mar. 2018; “ When you start a new gig, you’re usually in the dark about most everything. Carnes puts us there quite literally in this absurd and satisfying ten minute play. The tense-yet-polite-and-compliant exchanges between the two characters would be great fun for actors… not to mention a delicious challenge, since we never see them once for the play’s duration. Save on your electric bill, give your lighting designer the day off, and give this one a…. listen. ”

Ricardo Soltero-Brown:10 Mar. 2018; “ There’s nothing quite like Rachael Carnes having fun. In this short piece written to be performed in total darkness, Carnes still finds time to shed light on power, people, and institutions. The gags and dialogue will cause squirms and squeals of glee. ”



Approximately 10 minutes



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