IN PLAIN SIGHT by Nicolas Ridley


It’s not the first time. Georgia is wearing dark glasses again. Domestic violence usually occurs behind closed doors, but Mrs Potts is quite certain she knows what’s been happening. Her advice is based on her own bitter experience. Men who use violence never change. They may say how sorry they are. They may mean it. And they may say it will never happen again. But it will. There is only one sensible course of action: get out of the relationship. However, when it comes down to it, doing what’s sensible simply isn’t that easy.



MRS POTTS – middle-aged, motherly, coffee shop owner

GEORGIA – early 40s, highly-strung, Oliver’s wife

MARK – late 30s, uncertain, Georgia’s lover

OLIVER – mid 40s, complacent, Georgia’s husband



Approx. 15 minutes



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