IN LINE by Katherine Luna Gate


Mark is a new recruit at the local supermarket. Despite that, customers like him and respect him already. He doesn’t get the same kind of respect from his superiors, but this is about to change.



MARK – young lad in his early 20s. Well kempt, tall and well built, assertive and firm, yet kind and respectful.
TOM – aged 27, can be any nationality. He is smaller than Mark.
GRACE – aged 23, can be any nationality. She’s smaller than Mark.
MANAGER – early to mid 40s. Tall but overweight.
DEPUTY MANAGER – mid to late 30s. Mid height and skinny.
THE BOSS – middle aged man, displaying more or less the same characteristics of Mark, just with something like 30 years more experience.


Approx 15-20 minutes



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