IN DENIAL by James Woolf


In Denial is a multi-media drama requiring four actors. The Play follows the turbulent and at times abusive relationship of Amelia and Toby over the course of 2016. Amelia and Toby consult a compatibility counsellor for a professional view on their prospects together. The counsellor advises that their relationship is not sustainable, but Amelia and Toby ignore the advice and continue with their wedding plans. This, and what follows, is set against the backdrop of the UK’s unexpected vote to terminate its relationship with the EU



AMELIA – Mid-twenties, very (and perhaps too) slim. Intelligent face.

TOBY – Approaching forty and developing a paunch. Rugged Italian looks.

PAUL – Late twenties, tall, good looking, black

JESSICA – Mid thirties, attractive in an unkempt kind of way. Wears glasses

As well as the characters who appear on stage, two characters appear only on screen.

LAURIE – Mid-forties, suave.

EMMA – Thirties, immaculate.



Audience feedback after rehearsed reading by the Script Readers at Park Theatre, 8 January 2018.

“Full house and totally rapt house for black comedy In Denial”

“Extremely well written, hugely entertaining and very interesting on a number of levels.”

“Wonderful play from #scriptreaders team… Someone put it on please!”

“We all saw that this play is to the Brexit generation what Closer was to the Noughties”

“A really fast and witty piece of theatre”

“A funny, well observed comedic metaphor for a very complex situation”

“I think this play is a winner and I cannot wait to see where it goes”

“I particularly liked the unexpected ending. I didn’t see that coming”

“I wish the play every success. I really did enjoy watching it.”

“The characters are engaging and well drawn, their dialogue is excellent, and the play is pacy, holding the attention at all times”


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