ICELAND by Michael Tooher


A troubled teenager finds empowerment by transforming himself into a Viking with the help of Sonja Henie who lives in the family’s TV set.

PRESTON is a troubled, questioning youth dealing with all the issues that adolescence brings. Alas, his loving family isn’t as helpful as they could be. His father MAX is a failed revolutionary but an extremely successful tosspot. Mother EUDORA has a serious prescription medication jones and a hazy belief that it’s 1957. Adding to PRESTON’s tension level is his sister DANIELLE. She’s a 17 year old anorexia positive fashionista with a secret plan to become famous by making a sex tape. This is proving rather difficult because she can’t bear to be touched.

Just as things look darkest for our young hero, help arrives in the person of SONJA HENIE. The 40’s champion ice skater and movie star appears to him through the TV set and offers a glimmer of hope: Embrace your inner Viking. PRESTON agrees, seeking empowerment by assuming the guise of a Nordic pirate. Difficulties arise as he transforms since even his family, whose concept of sanity is very loosely defined indeed, are considering having him committed. PRESTON is rescued from this dire fate by the timely appearance of his Viking horde and he sails away. In his wake he leaves his parents in a state of pharmaceutically reinforced denial. The play ends with SONJA merrily calling for DANIELLE, beckoning her to come to the TV set….



MaxChadiwick – 50ish. male. A failed revolutionary turned technical writer who enjoys strong drink. The fat her.

Eudora Chadiwick – 50ish. female, Max’s wife. A stay at home mom with a pill habit and a hazy belief that it’s 1957.

Danielle Chadiwick – 17, female, the daughter. An anorexia positive hellion who wants to be famous by any means necessary.

Preston Chadiwick – 17, male, the son. A troubled young man who finds self empowerment by transforming into a Viking.

Sonja Henie – 40ish, female. The 1940’s skating sensation and movie star whose spirit lives in the Chadiwick’s TV set.

Tad/Jeremy/Doctor Wittgenstein/Viking Various ages. –  All these parts are played by a single 20ish male actor.



Broom Street Theater, Madison Wisconsin USA Portland Maine, Maine Playwrights Festival



Approximately 100 minutes



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