HUMPTY DUMPTY by Rod Dungate


Humpty Dumpty combines all the traditions of pantomime with a modern twist that makes for a hilarious and thrilling entertainment.  With a strong story this old nursery rhyme is transformed into a new 21st Century adventure.

Humpty Dumpty is, in fact Humm T from the planet Dumm T.  He is trapped on Earth by the power-mad scientist Professor Vera Strange.  Humm T can only be released through the brave actions of Tim Pott, son of royal wedding planner, Arabella Pott; he is a reluctant hero.  And the royal weddings are under threat too.  And even worse, there is the terrifying Quacksilotl to be negotiated.

There is, eventually, a happy ending . . . but even that is not quite straightforward.

Characters: 7m, 5f (Some flexibility is possible.)

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Arabella Pott, a Wedding Planner

Tim Pott, her son

Professor  Vera Strange, a Scientist

Captain Tarquin Mountjoy, Head of the Palace Guard

Lance Corporal Geoffrey Curry, one of the Palace Guard

Lance Corporal Sally Rice, one of the Palace Guard

Humm T, an Inhabitant of the planet Dumm T

Quacksilotl, Ruler on the Planet Stratti Moy Fratti



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