HOME GROWN CROPS by Les Jamieson


A series of 9 sketches which may be produced individually or as a whole evening’s entertainment.

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This series of 9 plays may be purchased INDIVIDUALLY (SKETCH FEE APPLIES) or as a WHOLE (FULL LENGTH PLAY FEE APPLIES)

1/ Day Six: Skegness – what if Adam and Eve met for the first time in a café in Skegness?

2/ A New Face – That chap in the pub who likes to tell you a story

3/ Calendars –  short family drama, in which the young girl twists events. But why?

4/ Him Over There – Written for 2 working class women, but could gain humour if played in drag, ie a la Les Dawson.

5/ Kombucha & Scoby – what if the Americans knew what we searched for on the internet?

6/ Sealed with a Kiss – quite a poignant and demanding part.

7/ We Want to Make a Complaint – sketch – what if Santa was your next door neighbour?

8/ The Hamlet Sketch – Great Shakespearian actor who forgets his lines and the prompt has lost her / his voice.

9/ The Case of the Sticky Buns – what if Billy Bunter’s crime was investigated by Sherlock Holmes?

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