Hollywood the Musical is the tale of Bryan and Jennifer who make it into the movie industry in Hollywood for the first time.  There they meet several people along the way, some who will help them to success and others who will show them the possibly scandalous side of the industry.  A jukebox musical set to many of your favourite film soundtracks.

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The show may easily be performed with a cast of 15 which include some doubling.

Bryan Busted – A naïve but talented aspiring actor with a fierce determination to succeed. Age – 16-30

Jennifer Masters – A young energetic girl who dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress, sometimes misunderstood. Age – 16 – 30

Rob Michaels – An A-List movie star who’s fame has gone to his head.  Very arrogant, and jealous, does not want newcomers stealing his limelight.  Can be quite violent. Age – 25 – 40

Steph Shinesilver / Stephen Shinesilver – The director who’s always been successful because of his/her passion and drive.Age – 35 – 60

Diana Collins – Manipulative businesswoman who works behind the scenes in ‘Hollywood’. Age – 20 – 40 (Very flexible.  Acting ability is crucially more important than age)

Paul Julian / Paula Julian – Diana’s business partner and Exec Producer who’s ambition is nothing more than to make money and climb to the top of the power hierarchy. Age – 30 – 60

Kyle Green – Bryan’ best friend and young upcoming screenwriter.  Slightly nerdy but passionate about his work.  Not the wealthiest person. Age – 16 – 30

Sandra Stephanie-Smyth – Successful actress enjoying the limelight, very much a diva but hiding a secret hobby on the side.  Cat lover, has no time for fools.Age 30 – 50

Jack Craigs – Actor in his prime who is unfortunately about to face his downfall for no other reason besides management thinking he’s no longer ‘it’.  His management are blind to see that he’s still actually quite popular.Age – 25 – 40

Alice Hall – Los Angeles citizen who enjoys movies and books.  Also very righteous and always prepared to stand up for what she believes in and encourage others to do the same. Age – 16 – 30

Harold Alexander / Harriet Alexander – Another Hollywood director.  Very strict, and tight.  Quite disorganised and tries to take shortcuts with the expectation that things will fall into his/her lap. Age 20 – 55 (depending whether you wish to go with young inexperienced route or older and arrogant, in the original production it was ‘Harriet’ and was portrayed as a British incompetent young director with an Essex style accent)

Wallace Billingslea  – Actor who thinks he’s really talented and god’s gift to this world.  But really, he’s not.  Very sarcastic and has very little tact.  Can double in Act 1 as various other small roles. Age – 25 – 40

Amanda Parker – Casting director who has to make the tough decisions.  Works well with Steph/Steph..  Actress can double with some of the cameo roles. Age – any (needs to match with Wallace to a degree)

Victoria Sparks – Journalist, someone who feels the need to always get involved.  Extremely intrusive and will do anything to get a story, even if she has to make it up.  Willing to lie to give her a career break. Age – any

Rachel Vale – New inexperienced actress who tries her best but finding things tough. Actress can double with other smaller roles. Age – 16 – 25

Britney Jones – Silly girl who is all hyped up about moving to LA and is caught up in pop culture. Age – 16 – 30

Selina Grant – LA girl who tags along with Britney and makes trouble for fun. Age – 16 – 30

Joey/Josie Barnes – Crewperson – a clutz. Dialogue only

Hayley Getter – A Runner

Jessica Headfone – Soundperson

Elizabeth Forbrush – Sweeps the dandruff off the cast members.

Dean Bean – Cocky radio host who’s real name is Burt.  (never appears on stage)

Other characters:

AD’s,People on the streets and town centres,Protesters,Writers, Cameramen, Runners, Film crew

There is always the option for people to double as multiple characters within reason.



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