A hotel is preparing for a very busy few days and weekend.  A wedding party is booked and the guests are soon to be arriving about 2 days before the big day.  The hotel manager, Martin, is frantically ordering his staff around and trying to find sneaky ways of swindling as much as he can from the guests.  The bridesmaids arrive first, causing up a bit of a raucous.  After expressing their outrage over paying too much for their hotel considering what was advertised, thanks to Martin increasing the prices, they are escorted to their rooms.  Martin then tries to come up with additional luxuries to swindle people out of…..AND THAT’S JUST FOR STARTERS!



Hotel Staff

Martin – Hotel manager and businessman.  In reality a very unskilled conman.

Lucy – A hotel maid / cleaner, also a struggling young single parent with a son, Ben.

Gloria – Secretary/Receptionist.  Aspires to be a dancer.  Also best friends with Fiona.

Tim – the barman, an expert at mixing cocktails.  In league with Martin’s schemes.

Bob –  the Security Guard (to be played by the same actor as Ed)

The Wedding Couple

Carl – the groom.  An everyman

Samantha – the bride, a fun loving girl who used to enjoy party life but is now ready to settle

The bridal party

Mother – Samantha’s interfering mother, rather snooty and obnoxious

Father – Samantha’s flirtatious and laid back and mischievous father (awkwardly divorced from Mother)

Fiona – Gloria’s best friend.  Also friends with Sam.  A rather rowdy girl!

Jenny – Another bridesmaid.  Slightly more uptight and ‘sensible’

The groomsmen

James – The charming best man, very relaxed and flippant.  Good looking & considered a ladies man

Charlie – Close friend of Samantha’s.  Formerly had a crush on her before she got engaged.

Others (can & should be played by the same actor)

Ed – Accidental gatecrasher

Announcer – Hotel staff



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