HAVEN’T A CLUE by Gary Clapperton


In the autumn of 1936, a mysterious host has invited various, and in some cases, strange characters, to his country house.  They include an upper-class twit, a femme fatale, a sinister German, a hard-of-hearing battle-axe and a bumbling private detective.

Cut off from outside help, they soon realize a murderer is in their midst. Is everyone who they say they are?  Can the worried guests work out who the killer is, from the clues, before they too meet their end?  Not funny for the guests but hilarious for the audience.



Marion:                Female.  A young pretty maid.  Speaks with a lower class accent.

Much:                  Male.  A middle-aged butler.  Reserved and solemn.  He has an aloof air and speaks with authority and confidence.

Mr Little:              Male.  A young upper-class twit.

Mrs Dale:             Female.  A middle-aged femme fatale, with an upper-class accent, which sometimes slips.  Tartily dressed and wearing too much makeup.

Reverend Tuck:  Male.  A middle-aged, comical vicar.  Wears spectacles and an ill-fitting wig.

Herr Scharlach:  Male.  A middle-aged German.  Has an upright, military bearing and a sinister hint.  Has a Hitler-style moustache.

Mr Holmes:         Male.  A young private detective.  Incompetent but does not know it.

Miss Gordon:      Female but could be played by a man.  A large, middle-aged spinster.  Very outspoken and loud.  Speaks with Lancashire accent.  Slightly deaf.  Dressed in a mannish way i.e. tweed two-piece and hat, brogues, shirt and tie.

Doctor Hood:      A female GP.  Smartly dressed.



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