Hannah Hadder-Nuff lives with her daughter, Vanessa, at Hadder Hall. Hannah is the widow of Herbert Hadder and estranged wife of Ivor Nuff who lives locally and sees his wife and stepdaughter occasionally. Hannah retained her first married name when she married Ivor for Vanessa’s sake.

As the play opens Vanessa is announcing her engagement to her boyfriend, Michael Iller. Hanna is displeased as she considers Michael is after her daughter’s inheritance from her late father.

Iris Callotte is the cook and daily help who had a clandestine relationship with Herbert and who stands to gain a substantial legacy from him when either she retires at 60 or Hannah dies.

Hannah is worried about her neglected property overseas and consults her personal assistant, Scarlet Fish, who is also Hannah’s chauffeuse and has been working at Hadder Hall for less than a year. She was previously employed in a firm dealing with foreign estates so has experience in managing properties abroad.

An engagement party is prepared and enjoyed. Sadly, the next morning, Vanessa and Michael find Hannah’s body in her locked bedroom. The police suspect foul play and Detective Chief Inspector Vera Wey is called in to lead an investigation. Several party guests stand to gain a considerable fortune from Hannah’s demise. However, through interrogation, analysis of events and a thorough examination of evidence Vera and her officers solve the heinous crime.

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Hannah Hadder-Nuff             Widow of Herbert Hadder, estranged wife of Ivor Nuff, 60s

Vanessa Hadder                     Daughter of Hannah and Herbert Hadder, 30s

Scarlet Fish                             Personal assistant, chauffeuse and companion to Hannah, 50s

Iris Callotte                             Cook and daily help at Hadder Hall, 50s

Michael Iller                            Vanessa’s fiancé, 30s

Ivor Nuff                                 Hannah’s estranged husband, 60s

Vera Wey                                Detective Chief Inspector, 40 – 50

Lucy Fur                                  Black cat, heard but not seen



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