HANSEL AND GRETEL – THE PANTO by Dan Smith & Claire Hughes


Hansel and Gretel’s father is the Frog King. He was turned from a frog into a king when he kissed his true love, but the spell is breaking and he’s begun to turn back into a frog again. Hansel and Gretel set off into the woods to find the Great Sorceress in the hope that she can make him a king again; little do they know that she is actually a very wicked witch who intends to capture them and use them in a potion to make her youthful again.

They go on their journey with their good friend the Gingerbread Man and meet several fairytale people along the way such as, Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks. After rescuing these fairytale people from the Witch’s right hand man, the Big Bad Wolf, they carry on and end up at the Witch’s gingerbread cottage, where she traps them and prepares to eat them.

The fairytale creatures band together to rescue the twins and save the day.



Hansel                    – Principal Boy, Gretel’s twin and the Frog King’s son.Desperate for a date.

Gretel                      – Principal Girl, Hansel’s twin and the Frog King’s daughter. More street wise and attitude than her brother.

Gingerbread Man – Audience participation and Hansel and Gretel’s best friend

Witch (Rose)         – Dame and the Witch that lives in the gingerbread cottage. She wants to capture Hansel and Gretel to use them in a spell to make her young again.

Big Bad Wolf         – The Witch’s right hand man.

Red Riding Hood – A bit simple with no clue about subtlety.

Schwein                 – One of the Three Pigs, house made of straw.

Porc                         – One of the Three Pigs, house made of sticks.

Cerdo                      – One of the Three Pigs, house made of bricks.

Goldilocks             – Hansel and Gretel’s friend, she helps lead the fairytale creatures to take down the Witch.

Mother (Ursula)    – Hansel and Gretel’s Mother, she is grumpy and dislikes her husband.

Frog King (Henry)– Hansel and Gretel’s father, the Witch turned him into a frog, but the spell was broken when he found his true love, but since the love between he and his wife is breaking he is slowly turning back into a frog.

Frilly Knickers      – Red Riding Hood’s Grandma.

Pinocchio              – Fairytale creature who helps Goldilocks, small speaking part.

Chorus                   – School children/fairytale creatures.



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