HAND IN GLOVE by Eddie Coleman


Hand In Glove was inspired by a short lived “reality” endurance show called Touch The Truck based on competitions in the US which apparently still run in various parts of the world. It also relates to Big Brother and all of the other televised endurance competitions. When we join the last three participants (Fraser, Ken and Tanya) they have been standing with one hand on a car – with short breaks – for 74 hours and the competition is getting fierce. With one hand remaining on the car they resort to all sorts of mind games and tricks to try to win, each for their own reasons and goals. But how much truth are they telling each other and who exactly can we believe. When fame and fortune beckon are there any limits to what you would say and do to win?

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M2 F1

Fraser – mid 40s

Ken – early 60s

Tanya – mid 30s



2010 The play has been performed by the Ad Hoc Theatre company, Brentwood, Essex in 2010 as part of the 2010 Brentwood Catholic Club Drama Festival. http://adhocplayers.co.uk/past-productions/ The actors in the production received a nomination (Best Actor – Matt Jones as ‘Fraser’ and ‘Spirit of the Festival – Hayley Joanne Bacon (who played Tanya)

The Festival adjudicator noted that: This is an original play in a very original setting ~ a sort of cross between Big Brother and They Shoot Horses Don’t They?    

2015 The play has been performed by the South London Theatre (SLT) in 2015 as part of a one-act double bill http://www.sltarchive.co.uk/wiki/index.php?title=Hand_in_Glove_(2015)

Pictures of the 2015 SLT production: http://www.photos.sltarchive.co.uk/hand-in-glove/


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