GRANDMA’S SECRET by Jane Hilliard & Paul A. J. Rudelhoff


With the help of her friends Hilda and Harry, pensioner Mavis Davis has been writing best selling books in the style of ’50 shades of Grey’ under the assumed name of ‘M.S. DIAS VIDA’. She has successfully managed to hide her identity from her family and the public. The books are best sellers and there is talk of a film but Mavis wishes to remain anonymous and much to her agent’s dismay is now writing her very last book. With the deadline approaching Mavis needs to be in her home finishing the final chapter of the final book.

Her family however have other ideas and have arranged for her to go into a nursing home for the Christmas period while they are on holiday in America. Mavis hatches a plan to send her forgetful friend Esme to the nursing home in her place and as Esme cannot remember who SHE is most of the time and the nursing home has not met Mavis before, she seems like the perfect replacement.

Harry and Hilda arrive to assist with the writing and to spend Christmas with Mavis. However, their plans are thwarted when Christopher, Mavis’s grandson, turns up at the house thinking it will be empty and planning a party for his ‘mates’

With the arrival of several more unwanted guests chaos soon reigns and to add to their problems someone has leaked Mavis’s address to the press and a journalist from ‘New Woman’ magazine is on her way to expose Mavis and her identity.



CHRIS:                A teenager, grandson of Mavis

MAVIS:              Sprightly pensioner with a love for the finer things in life.

HARRY:             Friend of Mavis, ex police officer. Pensioner

HILDA:              Friend of Mavis and Harry, pensioner, larger than life, colourful and flirtatious.

BERYL CLAPSTICK:  Nosey next door neighbour, brash and outspoken.

SARAH:            Younger sister of Mavis, haughty and aloof.

MR WAGSTAFF:  Bumbling estate agent, any age.

TARQUIN STUBBS:  Inept burglar, pensioner.

CARINA:    Hard hitting, hard drinking journalist. Any age

ESME:   Forgetful friend of Mavis, pensioner.



GRANDMA’S SECRET was first performed by West Moors Drama in 2018



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