GRAN by John Emms


Nellie dies while ignoring Sally’s common sense, and taking a risk, but is sent back by her ‘guardian angel’, the Messenger, Balbir. He refuses to allow her into the afterlife until she has revealed to Sally (her daughter) a long-held secret. After a little confusion coping with Nellie’s return, Becky keeps asking questions, while Nellie’s close friend, Mervyn, the vicar who apparently knows all, encourages Nellie to reveal her secret to Sally.



Nellie Froggett– 96 (briefly 19 at end) – Yorkshire, feisty, fun-loving, but with a troubled past which she’s trying to get over. Wishes Sally was more like her.

Becky Jackson– 18 Nellie’s grand-daughter  (can double to play young Nellie in final scene) – takes after Nellie, with whom she shares a mutual love, but less naturally rebellious

Jack Froggett– various ages – 20, 32, mid 50s – Nellie’s deceased husband – Yorkshire, fun-loving before the war but afterwards deeply traumatised

Sally Jackson– 55 Nellie’s daughter  – conventional, conscious of others’ opinions, previously compliant, but now trying to make Nellie act more sensibly. Still getting over the loss of her husband.

Rev. Mervyn Godfrey– 74  – southerner, great friend of and support for Nellie, despite constant exchange of insults

Messenger (Balbir) –indeterminate age – somewhat harassed bureaucrat from the afterlife



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