GOOD WIVES by Louisa May Alcott adapted by Richard Hills


Adapted by Richard Hills from the novel by Louisa May Alcott, it tells the story of when the Reverend March returns to his family after serving in the American war in the area of Concord , Mass, in 1863. He returns to find that his girls are now all coming into adulthood, facing pained trials along the way, with Meg’s lessons in housekeeping, Laurie’s disappointment in love, and the tragedy of Beth that touches them all. Each of the girls finds happiness, if not in the way they expect. It is an ideal challenge for Youth Groups and grown ups. One set throughout.

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M5 F7

Hannah                            The maid, early fifties

Mrs March                      The girls mother, forty three

Mr March                        The girls father, forty eight

Meg                                  Eldest daughter, twenty-one

Amy                                 Youngest daughter, sixteen

Jo                                     Second eldest daughter, twenty

Beth                                 Daughter, nineteen

Laurie                              Boy next door, twenty-one

Mr Lawrence                  Old gentleman next door

Aunt March                     The old family matriarch

John Brooke                    Engaged to Meg, age twenty-five

Professor Bhaer              Professor friend of Jo, age about forty



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