Neighbours, Jackie and Carol have met for a night out without their husbands. Set in the home of Carol, Jackie arrives exasperated with her husband, again! This leads to a bottle of wine to be opened and the two women discuss the trials and tribulations of living with their husbands in recent weeks, before hitting the town. The discussion between the two is predominantly about their husbands’ hoarding of useless junk and the mess they create in daily life.

Alan, Carols’ husband arrives home with a new bicycle chain and begins to tinker with the already upturned bicycle in the living room, which makes a change from half a motorbike on the kitchen floor. Alan hoped his wife would be out before his return, which would mean he can get on with some mechanical work and re-enters with a lawn mower belonging to John, Jackies’ husband.

Unfortunately for him, the two women are still necking wine and abruptly told to take the mower out. That’s not before letting slip that in Johns’ myriad of garden sheds, a still is in full operation. The two women are taken aback but not surprised until an explosion happens in Jackies’ garden. The still has over heated causing an explosion and the sheds are no more. Neither is all the accumulated rubbish that one day may come in handy as saved by the two men!



Carol:- Playing age between thirty five and fifty five. Wife of Alan. She is dressed ready to go out for the night on the town with her friend and neighbour, Jackie.

Jackie:- Playing age between thirty five and fifty five. She is dressed for the night on the town.

Alan:- Similar playing age to that of Carol but could be a little older. He is the husband of Carol and wears ordinary everyday casual clothing showing signs of mechanical filth. He has black smudges on his face and reasonable amounts of black smudging on his hands and fingers.



Approximately 35-40 minutes



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