A young man from the northeastern US, travels to Seattle to find clarity. He stumbles into a live-in position with a dysfunctional single mother and her three developmentally/physically/emotionally challenged children. A serio-comic fish out of water story, about who belongs where, and what constitutes ‘normal’.



SARAH JOHNS – A life force with the cognitive reasoning and motor skills of a two year-old, the physicality of a five year-old, coupled with the wisdom of an oracle. Her instincts are foolproof

FRANK FIORE – A study in constant motion. He has most of the tics and self-doubts of a modern urban man, layered with moments of incredible lucidity and balance. Happiest when in transit.

EVA JOHNS – With an IQ of 180, outdone only by sheer strength of will, she is the tradition of rugged individualism, found in the Great Northwest. A mass of contradictions, uncomfortable in a bulky, 6-foot body, her countenance resembles those of people in community newspapers, just elected to the PTA. What physical life exists is submerged in many secrets uncovered.

ANDREW JOHNS – The last great hope of the Johns family. Four years old, already damaged, with a love of human nature oozing forth.

DANIEL JOHNS – The ultimate multi-tasker, albeit unconsciously. Possessed with the genius of his parents, yet lacking the wherewithal and nervous system to harness it all, he lashes out at all who enter. See “FRANK FIORE” for future details.

MAGGIE JORGENSEN – An explorer of unlimited boundaries, not without an agenda, with adventures yet to come.

OTHER VOICES AND VISITORS ALONG THE WAY- All played by the cast of six.


Approximately 90 minutes



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