FUR ELISE by Tim Kenny


Elise is dead and is lying in the funeral home.  Edmund, the gay embalmer of the funeral home, is a tenant in the basement flat of the house in which Elise lived with her husband Dennis.  Two weeks before she died, Elise won the premium bonds.  Edmund proposes that he and Dennis should go on a cruise ‘to cheer him up’.  But things are not what they seem.  Fortunes bring many greedy skeletons out of the closet.  There have also been two local murders in which Dennis could be implicated.  And then there’s Alma, the beautician across the street, who has taken a strong fancy to Dennis. (She introduces herself with a 500-word funny monologue).  In the chaos of blackmail and skulduggery, the question remains: was Elise killed for her money?

A funny play with some adult humour.  “Fur Elise” is for 5M, 3W but two parts, a vicar and an Inspector can be played by either sex



EDMUND Dickens (40):        Embalmer and living in Dennis’s semi-basement

DENNIS Simmonds (late 40’s).  Dour personality.  presence.

VIRGINIA Harris (30’s):       Social Worker.

Dr. HENDRY (50’s):             Alcoholic medic.

ALMA Hopkins: (28-38):      Effervescent, optimistic, garrulous.

Rev JOE Rudge*                    Religious enthusiast.

MONIKA Steinmeir               German Student

INSPECTOR Parsons:            Impersonal policeman

*Can be a Lady Vicar (‘Jo’)



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