This is a collection of 10 short comedies, some of which have been published separately by Smith Scripts. Together they provide plenty of choice for a drama group wishing to present an evening of varied witty sketches.

Having It Out

Racked by guilt, Jan makes a confession to her husband, who appears untroubled by it.  More surprising revelations follow.

JAN : A woman aged about 60. BILL : Her husband, a little older.


Our Gordon’s Brother

This monologue is a celebration of the unintentional humour to be found in everyday speech.  The lone speaker struggles with, and perhaps overcomes her social phobia.  But who exactly is Our Gordon’s Brother?

MOTHER: An elderly woman, preferably with a Yorkshire accent.


Fade to Black

A restaurant in LA. An elderly writer has difficulty in distinguishing between reality and her own screenplays.  She meets her former agent.  They chew over her idea for a film noir, but cannot agree on a title.  A waiter arrives and the problem is solved.

MIRIAM: Aged 70+, American accent.  JACK: Aged 70+, American accent.  WAITER: Aged 20 to 50, American accent



Far into the future, a team of archaeologists excavates a site dating from the twenty-first century, in what was once the north of England.  Following their discovery of a number of small sealed plastic bags they conclude that the former inhabitants were dog-worshippers.

Three adults of any age and either sex:    STOT: In charge of the dig     FURLO, Stot’s assistant.    DINKON, Stot’s supervisor


Nearly There

A brother and sister take their retired parents for a trip in the car.  Recalling how their children used to behave on earlier car journeys, the parents decide to take revenge.

MUM: Aged 65 to 70.  DAD: Aged 65 to 70.  JUDY: Their daughter, aged about 40.   MATT: Their son, aged about 40.


No Tomorrow

James and Heather live in a residential home.  Whenever they meet they have the same conversation from which it is clear they share a lot in common.  The resulting misunderstandings are both amusing and poignant.

ANITA: A care assistant aged 30 to 50.  JAMES: An elderly resident.   HEATHER: An elderly resident



Sweet Nothing

Freddie and Hermione have been engaged for a very, very long time.  Now it emerges that Freddie had assumed that Hermione was to inherit a fortune.  His discovery that this was a misunderstanding delays the wedding indefinitely.

FREDDIE: 80 years old.    HERMIONE: 80 years old.    WAITER: Aged 30 to 50


Accessory to a Murder

Chief Inspector Gallstone despairs of his colleague DI Stott.  The problem is that Stott is not a maverick, as all fictional detectives must be.  To Gallstone’s delight, Stott undergoes a miraculous transformation, and solves a murder in the process.

CHIEF INSPECTOR GALLSTONE: Male, late fifties, plain clothes     DETECTIVE INSPECTOR STOTT: Male, late fifties, plain clothes.


Swallow That

The Amazons appear in this ribald long-lost episode supposedly from the pen of Arthur Ransome.

NANCY BLACKETT: Adult dressed as a young girl.   PEGGY BLACKETT: Adult dressed as a young girl.    ANNOUNCER:Adult of any age and either sex.


Jet Lag

A little old lady befriends an ex-convict on a transatlantic flight.  But she is not as innocent as she appears.

AGNES: A prim looking little old lady.  ROY: A burly. tattooed, American ex-convict,   JULIE: A flight attendant, aged 25-40.   PILOT:Voice only
OTHER PASSENGERS: Four or five non-speaking parts




Please see descriptions above



Each play approximately 10 minutes



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