FREEDOM CALL by Richard Moore


Two couples and two independent men, unknown to each other, are having breakfast on their hotel patio, when without warning they become survivors of an intense earthquake. The buildings around them collapse and massive blocks of concrete surround and entomb them. One of the group is badly injured, the others need to save him and themselves…

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M4 F2

Millar:  Aged 58 and married to Steffi. He has been a Company Man all his working life and is presently CEO of a small multi-national exporting specialist mining parts. He plays tennis and squash and keeps himself in good shape. He has three children by his first wife and two adopted children with wife number two.

Steffi:  Aged 38 she married Millar, whom she adores, after her first husband was killed in a motor-bike accident. She spends most of her time looking after their young children and is training to be a Lay Preacher. She is a diabetic.

Darren: Aged 54 and lives with Mandy. He is a Regional Manager for a property rental company and thrives on his work. He and his partner have been together for twenty five years and have a daughter. He is very overweight and is an alcoholic in denial. His domestic relationship is rocky.

Mandy: Aged 52 she is an emotionally drained woman. She met Darren when they were both in the Army. She became pregnant with their daughter and she has stayed with him ever since. She works as a part-time receptionist at prestigious hotel.

Roger: Aged 55, a married man with two children. He runs his own Deli and is passionate about all things to do with food. On Sundays, he referees local league soccer matches, and keeps fit through cycling and running. This is the first holiday he has had for years.

Philip: Aged 49, works in a Garden Centre, and is keen on calling himself a Nurseryman. He lives with his partner, who decided not to travel with him on this leg of their World Trip. He won this trip in a lottery, but reality as a gambler sees him heavily in debt and is struggling to keep his house.


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