FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley adapted by Andrew G Cooper


Frankenstein presents the tragedy of young Victor Frankenstein and the grotesque monster who haunts him in this new adaptation of Mary Shelley’s spine-chilling Gothic classic. Victor is obsessed with discovering the secrets of science and nature, but nothing can prepare him for what he brings to life one dark night in the heart of winter. So begins a life or death adventure as Victor battles the demon he creates and the demons inside himself.



Victor Frankenstein — A student in Ingolstadt who discovers the secret of life. Hungry for knowledge and glory. Early twenties.

The Creature — The huge and hideous creation of Victor Frankenstein. Intelligent and sensitive.

Elizabeth Lavenza — An orphan, two years younger than Victor, whom the Frankenstein family adopted as a child. Now a passionate and inquisitive young woman.

Henry Clerval — A student who dreams of chivalric adventures and romance. Victor’s cheerful boyhood friend. Early twenties.

Alphonse Frankenstein — A well-esteemed gentleman and Victor’s father. A war veteran and magistrate of the Genevan government. Fifties.

William Frankenstein — A precocious boy of ten. Victor’s younger brother and the darling of the Frankenstein family.

Justine Moritz — A pious young servant in the Frankenstein household. Late teens/early twenties.

Monsieur de Lacey — A blind old man whose family has fallen on hard times. A beautiful singer and storyteller. Sixties.

Felix de Lacey — De Lacey’s son, hardworking and helpful. Late twenties/early thirties. Agatha de Lacey — Felix’s wife. Optimistic and soft-hearted. The rock of the family. Early twenties.

Villagers — Persons from the European countryside. Includes Roos the procurer, a whore, beggars, the executioner, household servants, and wedding guests.

WRITERS NOTE; This is an ensemble piece, the play can be performed with as many or as few actors as the director sees fit. Only Victor and the Creature should not be double cast. Here are my suggestions for performer tracks with multiple casting.

Victor Frankenstein

The Creature

Elizabeth Lavenza

Alphonse Frankenstein/Monsieur de Lacey/Roos

Henry Clerval/Felix de Lacey/Beggar 1/Executioner

Justine Moritz/Agatha de Lacey/Whore/Female Creature

William Frankenstein/Beggar 2




Dramaturgical Support – Alberta Playwrights’ Network April/May 2020

Workshop and Reading – Red Deer Players May/June 2019

Reading – New Vintage Theatre October 2018

Initial Workshop Production – Chimera Theatre February 2018

Workshop and Reading – Chimera Theatre July 2017



Approximately 105 minutes



Preview available here

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