FRANKENSTEIN adaptation by Valerie Goodwin


Six children, aged between 18 and 9, are on holiday in Geneva in 1917. The action of the play takes place in the attic of the old Frankenstein chateau, over three days in July. Bad weather forces the children indoors; they  enter via a trapdoor, explore the attic  and talk about why they are here, etc. They  discover a trunk with the initials W.F -William Frankenstein, Victor’s younger brother. Inside the trunk they find a locket, a shawl, dolls, etc. Each object tells part of the story that took place 100 years before.




Wilhelmina, the eldest.

Victoria, slightly younger. Plays Elizabeth in the enactments.

Edward, serious, scholarly. Plays Victor Frankenstein.

Henry, jolly.                      Plays Victor’s friend Henri.

Sophie, sweetly trusting and exuberant.       = Justine, the gypsy girl.

Baby, of either sex, about 9 in appearance = William.

The Monster.

Frau Muller, housekeeper.

Airman, hideously disfigured by the fire when his plane crashed.

Igor       } grave robbers


Hoffman, Inspector-General of police

Blind old man

Felix, his son.

Any number of gypsies, 8 who speak, / singers/  dancers/chorus/ wedding and prison chapel guests

Minimum of 10,  but ideally @  30 in the cast



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