t’s is a sunny afternoon in mid July in the village of Gainton, Church bells ring out across the village green signifying that the union of Henry Davenport and Suzy Gower has commenced. Friends and family have gathered but this is no happy occasion, and before the last toast has been made things will take a turn for the worse. Fingers will be pointed, feelings will run high, and low. Dodgy dealings and deception, dark pasts and even darker futures, this will be a wedding to remember



GEORGE   30+ Male

George started working for Henry as a mechanic when he was 18 and through hard graft has worked his way rapidly to become Henry’s right hand man, although this has been partly through Henry’s ability to manipulate George. Since Henry’s heart attack George has been running the business, although Henry has kept him on a short leash and this has caused a few arguments with George feeling more like a puppet than a partner


HENRY     50+ Male

Henry has lived in and around Gainton for most of his life, apart from a brief spell in his late teens when he attended Cambridge University where he met his first love Margaret. After moving back to Gainton Henry started his own business, a simple garage that has over the years flourished into a high performance car specialist centre. Henry’s health has not been the best since he suffered a mild heart attack 10 years ago, as such his business partner George Tyler runs the business with Henry being a sleeping partner but still holding the majority share and retaining the final decision on all major business deals.


MARGARET 50+ Female

Margaret first met Henry at cambridge university,they moved back to Gainton together and were married the following year. She supported Henry in the early days of his garage working on reception for him, but she took a step back to be a fulltime housewife and mother following the birth of their only child Jack. When Henry suffered his mild heart attack


SUZY  20-30 Female

Suzy first met Henry through her work as a probation officer, Working with Henry’s son, Jack, who through a minor offence is on a suspended sentence. After a whirlwind romance with Henry they were engaged within a month which was only three weeks ago. Although she still works as a probation officer she is hoping to give it up as dealing with unsavory characters day in and day out does wear thin.


JACK     20-30 Male

Jack is the only child of Henry and Margaret. Having spent his life in the shadow of his successful father and being doted on by his mother, he has never really achieved much. A school drop out at 15 and several run ins with the law, Jack spends his time idly living of his father’s money


REV JOAN-PAUL  40+ Female

Joan Paul, yes her mother was a fan, is the village vicar. She only turned to religion a 6 years ago after a traumatic and turbulent time in her life. She takes the word of the lord very seriously and looks down on others who he sees as sinful.


ROSE   50+ Female

A self made homeopath Rose spent her early years backpacking through asia learning the ways of her “art” on return to england she has lived most of her life on benefits doing homeopathy on the side. When Henry had his heart attack she took it upon herself to look after him and promptly moved into a caravan on his small estate, although she continues to practice her homeopathy she considers herself a full time carer, which Henry does not deny as she intimidates



First performed by The Little Acorn Production Company in Hinckley in May 2016. Also Performed by The Markfield and Thornton Theatre Group (MTTG) in September 2018


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