FLY ME! by Judith Foot


We all love going on holiday, especially to sunny seaside destinations, so what better setting than the Costa Del Sol for this comedy about a group of tourists who are just looking for a get away from it all holiday. Fly Me Holidays are the tour operator who aim to ensure their clients are kept fully entertained from start to finish, however their skills are put to the test when it becomes apparent that the holidaymakers have their own agendas, including illicit liaisons and murder!

The Bell family, Mum, Dad, Gran and their daughter Laura are all looking for a relaxing holiday, however Gran has hidden a strange object in her suitcase which causes concern at the airport and when it disappears from her room at the Hotel, the Fly Me staff are left to pick up the pieces.  Emily and Tom are on their honeymoon, but his surprise destination is not the one Emily had in mind and the strain is beginning to show with some surprising revelations.

Mo and her three friends are on a girly holiday and their mission is to try as many different cocktails as possible, but Mo has a secret, and someone is watching her. Louise has just won her way through to the second round of X-Factor and is on her way to the judges’ house when she meets Frank, her Fly Me rep, she’s trying to stay focused on her future but he pops up when she least expects it. Charles Nicholas is trying to ignore his wife’s indiscretions but she is increasingly becoming an embarrassment to him, when he seeks solace with another woman he unleashes a deadly reaction.

With the heady combination of cocktails and sunshine, cruises and nightlife, relationships are formed which will last far longer than the holiday itself.

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Fly Me Holidays Staff
Rosie age 20-40 Single woman working for Fly Me Holidays. Pleasant and helpful with a sense of humour.

Gracie age 20-40 Married woman working for Fly Me Holidays. Pleasant and helpful with a sense of humour, could be played a little bit ditsy.

Carl age 20-40 Single man working for Fly Me Holidays. Senior to the other three stewards. Sense of humour.

Frank age 20-40 Single man working for Fly Me Holidays. Pleasant and helpful with a sense of humour. Love interest in Louise.

Captain Chalmers age 40-70 Pilot. Very much a Casanova type who likes to play fast and loose with the ladies.

Simon Bell age 40-60 Teacher who is married to Trish and has a teenage daughter. His Father died six months ago and he has felt duty bound to take his Mother on holiday with the family.

Trish Bell age 40-60 Secretary, married to Simon. Very unhappy about having her Mother-in-law on holiday with her family and makes this quite clear. Necessary to play tipsy in one scene.

Edna Bell age 60-80 Hard of hearing and quite cantankerous.

Laura Bell age 16-20 Daughter of Simon and Trish. Love interest in Dylan.

Emily Turner age 20-60 A Museum Curator who is on honeymoon with new Husband Tom. Her character is volatile.

Tom Turner age 20-60 Just married to Emily, he is usually easy going but Emily is trying his patience.

Charles Nicholas age 40-60 Company Director of some means who is beginning to realise he and his second wife do not have a lot in common.

Sharon Nicholas age 40-60 married to Charles. A glamorous cockney bimbo who hasn’t got a clue about social etiquette. Necessary to play tipsy at times.

Dylan Nicholas age 16-20 Son of Charles Nicholas. He finds his connection to Sharon highly embarrassing. Love interest in Laura.

Mo Shelby age 30-70 Short sighted woman of some wealth who is paying for her friends to accompany her on holiday. Main ambition is to have a good time and find a man. Has to play drunk at times. Later in the play she reveals a darker side to her character.

Sheena Davis age 30-70 Friend of Mo but cultured and sophisticated. Love interest with Charles Nicholas.

Debbie Travers age 30-70 Friend of Mo, pretty scathing of her friend at times.

Paula Johnson age 30-70 Friend of Mo who says what she thinks.

Louise Ward age 20-40 Attractive singer who is flying out to one of the X-Factor judge’s houses to compete. Love interest in Frank.

Miss Boots age 20-60 Strict dance teacher who is taking St Maud’s School to the Torremolinos Dance Competition, but when she mistakenly has an alcoholic cocktail she shows a new side to her character.

Abbey or Arnold any age – passenger

Carol or Cliff any age – passenger

Olivia, Charlotte, Sophie and Chloe age 13-18 pupils of St Maud’s School



Approx 1 hour each act



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